The right way to Write A Creative Brief For Web Design

People who are involved in the web design industry, possibly as designers themselves or as clients, may commonly be asked to write or read over an innovative brief. But what exactly is this document and exactly why is it such a vital part of the initial design procedure? Essentially, a creative brief for a web design project is just about one or two pages long, and it is highly important towards the design process, as it outlines all the elements of the web site (such as target audiences, objectives, and so on).

If you have never written or read through a creative brief for web design before, there is a sensitive formula that you can follow to ensure that you have included all of the necessary features:


After the title of the brief (generally the task name followed by +creative brief’), you will need to provide a short summary of the entire design project.

Current Situation

This section is pretty self-explanatory + explain what the current situation of the task is. What isn’t working? What needs to be enhanced? Why does the client need the web design project? So what do you hope to achieve with the finished product (website)?


This is where you are able to describe the web design project in more detail, searching more specifically at what exactly needs to be done for the particular aims and goals to be achieved.

Target Audience/s

Outline who the particular project is targeted at (for example, teenage girls) and describe any characteristics that research indicates these audiences have.


In this section, you will need to outline the main objectives of the project.


Does the client have any special requirements that needs to be met or incorporated into the web design project?

Promotion or Communication Plan

You will need to outline how the finished project is going to be marketed and communicated to the target audience you have outlined over. Is there any timing involved for each stage from the promotion? You will need to address this in this section, as well.


This is where you are able to outline the timeline for the duration of the web design task, taking into account any milestones that must be reached by specific dates or stages of the project itself.

Project Sponsor

Describe who have the main sponsor of the website is, as well as setting out who the responsible party is for signing away on the finished project.

In this section, you will need to outline who is mixed up in project, both from an oversight and a group position.

There is no single way to create a creative brief for a web design project + you will have to adapt and adjust the above formula to make it highly relevant to each individual project. The brief itself will go through a range of drafts before it has been finalised, so you can make sure to get everything right.

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